Someone Who Encouraged Me:

Me and my grandmother


This is a photo of me and my grandmother (Peabody). I was three weeks old when the photo was taken. I look at it everyday and remember how much she encouraged me in all that I was/am passionate about. Especially when it came to putting pen to paper. She and my grandfather gave me my first type writer/word processor when I was in high school.

I’m thankful for the memories of her encouragement!

Who encourages you in what you are passionate about?


3 thoughts on “Someone Who Encouraged Me:

  1. Your other Grandma was my encourager. She also knew when to give me a “kick in the Hiny” to get me grow up and become an independent woman. I knew I could always go to her for advice especially when I had the boys.. She was a wealth of wisdom.. What am I passionate about… Well lately it has been prayer, prayer and more prayer.. I remember an older lady at church and she was such a prayer warrior.. I want to be like Elizabeth Markas and be a prayer warrior for others… Other than that college football, NFL and college basketball are secondary passions 🙂

  2. Elizabeth is gone now but she was a dear friend.. I would visit her in the nursing home and never was there a word of complaint out of her… such a dear sweet lady…I cried when I found out she had died when I went to visit her…

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