Michael Strope Miller~ My Alert *UPDATED*

****Thank you everyone for praying and getting the word out. Michael was found yesterday and is safely back at home!****

Below is a picture of my cousin Joe’s son, Michael, he was kidnapped by his mother on Saturday. From what my family in Illinois has told me, his mother came to pick Michael up from one of his friend’s homes with her mother and the sheriff. She had documents but some how in the process no one realized that they were not valid. I’ve been told that the mother (Amanda) is taking him to Texas. Joe is in the hospital at the moment recovering from a bad accident he was involved in three weeks ago. Apparently the mother decided now was a good time to take advantage and kidnap him. Joe has had full custody of Michael for years.

Michael Strope Miller

Please pray that Michael is returned safely to his dad and step-mom. Pray for a softening of Amanda’s heart and her mother’s heart to bring him back home. Pray for Michael, for his complete safety, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Michael is 11 years old.

Please feel free to share this with everyone you know!

Thank you!!!


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