A strange thing

I have learned something over the years about myself that may seem strange to some people but, maybe normal to others.

While in Florida last week, my family was able to spend some time with some of my mom’s extended family. We had dinner with her aunt, uncle, cousin and his family. It had been years since I had seen her cousin and his family.

In the course of dinner, I learned that the last time I saw them was at my grandfather’s funeral in 1997. The strange thing is, I barely have any memories of that time. I don’t remember even knowing they were there or talking with them.

A couple months ago I had to ask my mom about that time. I honestly couldn’t even remember the funeral.

Another strange thing is, that I could remember my great uncle Chuck’s funeral that took place just two months before. I remember so much about it. But my own grandfather’s is still a mystery in my mind.

The memories I can recall are being in the church (only because my mom a few months ago helped me remember), eating at a restaurant trying to order sweet tea (we were in Michigan, they don’t have sweet tea!) and staying in the house my mom and uncle grew up in. After that, my mind goes blank.

I don’t remember the graveside service, who spoke or what really happened. I only really know that I was there. So, when they said something to me about my grandfather’s funeral, I was lost. Lost in a sea of forgotten memories, trying to recall anything that would help me remember the last time I had seen them.

I got nothing!

It’s strange that there are moments in my life that should be crystal clear with memories but are darkened for whatever reason. The mind is such a mystery as to how it works.

Do you have times in your life (whether wonderful or painful) that you can’t remember but others can?

Ps. I wrote this post because of my own curiosity as to why my mind blocks certain memories. It is not meant to be sad or upsetting!


3 thoughts on “A strange thing

  1. I have the exact same issues!! For example, I can remember 95% of my freshman and sophmore year of high school when I lived in Wisconsin, but can only recall about 10% of my junior and senior year in Montana. Much of my childhood and adulthood is in little fragments. My mom will say, don’t you remember when?? And I will say, no, I don’t. I wish I could. Sometimes I think it’s out of my brains need to protect me. But others, i think it’s plain forgetfulness. And then I’ll be driving and a random thought from 1997 will appear out of nowhere which leads to a million more things. Perhaps it’s because we naturally don’t use 90% of our brain. At some point, you run out of room and it has to get filed somewhere. I like to think of my memories as a pile of post-it’s. πŸ™‚

    • Morgan~ I agree that I think it is our brains are trying to protect us but then we just don’t remember everything! πŸ™‚ I love your last line: I like to think of my memories as a pile of post-it’s. That is a perfect way to describe our memories! πŸ™‚

  2. I know how you feel and what you mean…..I cannot remember anything about my maternal grandmothers funeral except for immediately after the graveside when we were all standing around talking under a tree. Her funeral was only 7 1/2 years ago. Other then that I draw a blank…..although my siblings bring it up saying remember at the funeral and I go no…..I would say it is age, except you are so much younger than I am….lol

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