Crazy dreams

I’ve written about my dreams before but this morning, I woke up recalling some of the strangest things about my dreams. Most of the time I can recall a lot about my dreams, sights, sounds, emotions, colors, conversations, I think you get the point. 🙂

In my dreams last night, I was in the country of Turkey with my family and a few friends. We were at a lake or the sea and lots of people were jumping off of piers into floats in the water. Most of the people jumping were men who were over 300lbs (they looked like Sumo wrestlers!). The floats were huge, red square shaped, they looked like huge Legos!

Side note: I just figured out why guys who look like Sumo wrestlers would be in my dream…I started playing my sister Julia in a drawing app game “Draw Something” and one of her drawings last night was a Sumo Wrestler! LOL 

While watching the huge men jump into the floats and fall out each time, I ended up meeting several people I follow on Twitter. We had entertaining conversations about why we followed the people we do on Twitter. I met one person who was telling me why she read my blog. (As she was explaining this, my alarm went off! I was sad, I wanted to hear what she had to say. 🙂 )

While still in Turkey, I was tasked with a surprise for a couple that was with my family by an ex-boyfriend of the wife. In the end I scraped the idea and decided not to follow through with the ex-boyfriend’s idea. We went out to eat with the couple instead.

Welcome to the craziness of my dreams! Most people just stare and then shake their heads when I share my crazy dreams. lol

Yes, I dream vividly every night. 🙂


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