Me Day

On Saturday, I took a “Me Day”. I basically made this day up for well, me. 🙂

I knew I was at the end of things and coming dangerously close to burning out again. I have “burn out” times more than I think any one person should ever have. There are a lot of contributing factors, I over commit to things, I don’t sleep well most nights, I’m up early, I get to work earlier than I need to be so I can get my day started, I don’t take full lunch breaks (even though I should) and I just flat out don’t know how to say “no” many times. I’m learning, it’s a slow process apparently in my world.

So, I decided that Saturday would be my “Me Day” which included going for my normal Saturday morning run and then going home and resting. Thankfully Karen Kingsbury came out with a new book, so I had that to help me relax. 🙂 I spent some of the day reading on the couch until the sun came out and I moved to the porch so that I would be in the warmth of the sun. I also took a short nap, watched a couple episodes of NCIS and got to bed at 10pm. Yes, I did eat in the midst of all that relaxing.

I also finished the Karen Kingsbury book!

I learned a little bit about having my “Me Day”. One, I’m not so inclined to have that many and  two, it wasn’t as hard to do as I thought it would be to take the day and relax. 🙂

I know that it is important to take one day out of the week and not have it so full that I can’t see straight. I want to have more of these days.

Do you have “Me Days”???


7 thoughts on “Me Day

  1. Yeah…sorry….I was reading a text that came in while I was typing…LOL…

    I have trouble committing to just myself. I like to incorporate lots of other people into my “me” days. Need to work on that.

  2. I hate to play the mom card, but I don’t get full days like that. I get hours, perhaps, like when the kids spend the night but I usually resort to catching up on laundry or something. These days, I feel SO antsy when I allow myself to just relax. I need to do like you though and actually schedule it. Maybe if I had it on a list somewhere I’d feel like it was ok 🙂 Good for you, though, I know you are always so busy.

    • Amy, I knew writing this that my friends that are mom’s would take a different approach. I kept thinking about that this weekend, how differently my life would be if I were married and a mom! 🙂 I think scheduling it is the key.

  3. I get me days all the time. They are usually filled with my 3yo following me around saying “Me with..” and “Me that . .. “

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