Hardest Race So Far

Last Saturday I ran the hardest race of my running career. I am not sure why I thought that a 5k at the National White Water Center would be another just another race, but I did. I was clearly WRONG! 🙂

The race was a bit more than a 5k and not a road race. It was a trail run, something I have never done before. I am so prone to falling I had to really watch every single step I made through the woods. Lots of tree roots to jump, or run over, muddy places and narrow trails that kept me on my toes literally!

Yes, I do still believe that the race last Saturday was harder than any of my half marathons! Trail racing is not for wimps that’s for sure! 🙂

I ran the race with my friend Lisa’s husband, Ryan. He had no idea what he was getting into as well! He was only prepared to run a mile run with their daughter Ella! I’m very thankful that Ryan stuck with me the whole race.

Here is the finish:


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