Antsy to travel

Yesterday I was reminded once again how much traveling is in my blood. My mom has always loved traveling and I am most certain she “birthed” that into me as well. πŸ™‚

My mom put this status on Facebook yesterday:

Happy Birthday to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport! 30 years ago today the new terminal was opened. We have always loved airports so we were there for the opening day festivities. As we had 2 preschoolers and I was 9 1/2 months pregnant at the time it was an adventure. Little did I know that 6 years later I would be working there.

Growing up, we traveled to many places. Before my mom worked for US Airways (aka Piedmont), we drove to Michigan, Illinois, and Florida to visit family. Then my mom got the job at US Airways and we started flying everywhere! Although, my first flying experience happened when I was just about 5 months old. My parents were moving back to the US after being in England for several years with the Air Force.

I have traveled a lot in my life. But I still feel there are so many more places to go and friends to meet. πŸ™‚ In March of this year, I went with my family on a cruise. I had a blast! But that increased my wanting to travel so much more. The antsy feeling started growing more powerful with each week that passed by after the cruise. It is so bad that my closest friends can see it on my face. I needΒ want to travel.

I get the antsy feeling every so often and I know I need to go some where, even if it is just a day trip.

Thankfully, on May 12th I have a much needed day trip planned! πŸ™‚

Are you a traveler? Do you get antsy when you aren’t able to travel? Where are some of your favorite places to go?

Oh and yes, my mom was 9 1/2 months pregnant with my sister. She was three weeks late with each of us!



11 thoughts on “Antsy to travel

  1. Wow! Your mom is brave to travel with such young kids! I think it is so neat that you have the flexibility to do what you love to do! You MUST take a day trip to some see ME!!!!

  2. Yes it definitely is in your blood and it definitely comes from the Peabody side… πŸ™‚ So what are you doing on the 12th??

    • I’m going with my mom to Asheville, NC to visit the Cove. πŸ™‚ Yes, the Peabody side of my family is responsible for the travel bug. Which I am so thankful!

  3. I have had the traveling bug since I was born. My mom said my middle name should have been “go.” I just returned from my 14th trip to Disney World. I go every season to Atlanta to see the Braves, GO Braves!. Next trip this year will be to the beach or the mountians, that is if you don’t count the trips to TN every month since Jan 30th. TRAVEL bags are packed, teady for take off.

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