Beyond Waiting

A few weeks ago, I connected with Rebekah Snyder via Facebook. She has written a book called Beyond Waiting. Rebekah is a young adult that has learned to go beyond waiting for the “perfect” (read “right”) guy to come along and sweep her off her feet. A self described “family girl, and homebody”, Rebekah now lives away from home, doing what she loves, writing full time.
I wanted to give her an opportunity to share with my readers about why she wrote Beyond Waiting. I look forward to reading her book! (I do hope you will want to read it as well! :))
When did you decide it was time to stop merely just waiting and move to beyond waiting? Was there a specific moment that you can point to that helped you in this decision? 
Honestly, I can’t say that there was an exact moment. I mean, there was the moment that I looked up the definition of the word “wait” and realized that this is largely part of the reason why single women tend to struggle with their relationship status, but that’s just the time I decided to write the book. I think those seven (depressing) definitions I found for the word “wait” were what gave me the material to write the book, but I think I had been Beyond Waiting for a long time. See, I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen, and by the time I reached that age, I’d observed enough relationship flops to make me realize I wanted so much more than the cultural norm had to offer. While I have the occasional, “Gee, it would be great to have a guy in my life” day, I’ve pretty much always been determined to live Beyond Waiting – even before I had a name for it.
What do you desire for your readers to come away with when reading your “Beyond Waiting”?

I want them to realize that life is about so much more than “happily ever after.” I put a lot of emphasis on fairytales in the book because fairytales are generally the first exposure a girl has to romance. You’ve probably heard the quote, “Walt Disney gave me unrealistic expectations of men,” but I think that goes against everything Walt Disney stood for. Disney believed in dreams and he created (or recreated) heroines that lived their dreams. Prince Charming was always the end of the story – after the dream had been realized. I want readers to put my book down and walk away with a “once upon a time” wonder. I want her to know that a ring on her finger is not what gives her significance; only God can do that. Yes, Beyond Waiting is a relationship book, but the heart of the message has nothing to do with a guy. It’s about a girl, her God, and her dream.

I have noticed lately that there is a trend of blog posts specifically geared towards young women and men to rise up and be who God has called them to be during their time of singleness. Do you believe this is a time where more people are becoming aware and realizing we need to be actively pursuing what the Lord has for us as singles and not wait around until the “right one” comes along?

I, too, have noticed this trend and it makes me wonder, “Well, doggone it, what did I write this book for?!?!” But then I get excited and realize, “Yes, yes! People are finally getting it!” I think the timing is everything. I mean, I started working on this project two years ago because I couldn’t find much about singleness that wasn’t focused on preparation for a future spouse. (Which, granted, life tends to prepare you for the next stage in life, so of course singleness is a preparation for marriage, BUT I don’t believe marriage should be the FOCUS of singleness.) So, if God knew that, in two years time, someone else would grasp this concept, why did He argue me into writing this book? I guess it’s because He knew that Beyond Waiting would become a movement. Now is the time for singles to rise up and embrace the call of God on their lives. Now is the time for us to talk about the extraordinary life God has for us here and now – in THIS moment. I can’t wait to see the affect this movement will have made a few years into the future.

How has moving beyond waiting shaped your life?

Hmm… This is a really hard question. I wonder how much Beyond Waiting has shaped my life and then I wonder how much my life has shaped my view on Beyond Waiting. It’s hard to immerse yourself in a concept for two years and then try to envision life any other way. Sometimes I think about it – how I had my life all figured out by the time I was eight and how different my life looks now that I’m twenty-one. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were living the life I thought I’d be living. It’s hard to grasp. Hard to envision. I can say that I’m glad my life isn’t the life I had planned. I love the excitement and adventure of watching God’s plan unfold day by day (even though I often get nervous and wish I could see a little deeper into my future).

What I love most about this Beyond Waiting journey is that I KNOW I’m living in the center of God’s will for my life right now. I feel His pleasure and I feel pleasure in doing what I was made to do. If I were caught up in trying to find a guy – if I were allowing marriage to be my focus – I’d be discouraged, because as of now, there’s no romantic relationship in my life. I want that one day more than anything, but right now it’s not happening and I have to be okay with that. It’s a trust issue. As I’m watching God throw open these doors into the writing world – as my first book is being published and I’m watching this dream come true – I’m trusting that He will take care of the details. And I trust that one day, He’s going to open a door and I’ll find my future husband standing there. But in the meantime, I’m living life to the fullest. I think the greatest thing Beyond Waiting has done for me is replaced my anxiety with an excitement. I’ve come to realize that there is joy in the journey and delight in knowing that the God who shaped the expanse of the universe is also shaping the details of my life.

You can follow Rebekah via Twitter here  and feel free to share this post with others! 


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