My adventurous weekend!

Today is my sister’s 30th birthday! Happy birthday Julia!

Me and Julia in Annapolis

A couple weeks ago Julia found out she was going to be in Annapolis, MD for three weeks. This meant she was going to miss having her birthday here in Charlotte. So my mom and I decided to take a trip to surprise her for her birthday! She was surprised and definitely shocked! But before I get to more pictures and stories of that part of my weekend, let me back up a little bit and tell you about a few other things that happened before my mom and I hopped on a plane to DC.

Friday night I went shopping with my mom and then went home to pack a few things for our day trip. On Saturday morning I went on a run with my running group. It felt so great to be back out there and have a decent four mile run! Oh and no pain with my foot after the run. I guess tapping it up really does help! 😉

In order for my mom and I to take one vehicle to the airport, my dad had to pick me up from my apartment and take me to a special event for the old timers Prime Timers at my church. My parents go to all the dinners and have a wonderful time. This event was on a Saturday instead of their usual Tuesday night dinners. The entertainment was a family that plays blue grass music together. My dad was in heaven! I didn’t know it until a few years ago that he has a soft spot for blue grass music. Okay, not just a soft spot, he loves it! When the family got up to sing/play, I noticed that the banjo player looked like someone I know.  The banjo player looked like my friend Will Montgomery! lol (Confession: I know him through his blog, Twitter and Facebook.)

My mom and I had to leave in the middle of the family playing and get to the airport to make our flight. We made it with enough time to breathe for a moment and then get on the flight. I should let you know that I have an apprehension when it comes to flying lately. I freak out when there is turbulence and well, I seem to want to have panic attacks with the least little bit of turbulence. We had a few moments of turbulence but overall the flight went well! My mom’s arm was spared the death grip I generally have when turbulence hits and I want to panic.

We made it to DC and I realized I could spend days in that city and not get to everything I want to see. But we got to our rental car and drove straight to Annapolis. Julia was working on Saturday and two of her managers were in on the surprise! We walked into her restaurant with a balloon, flowers and a homemade cake, and when she saw me and had a look of  “Ummm what on earth are you doing here?” on her face! She was not only surprised but shocked and even a little confused that we were there! I think she was generally all around happy with our little surprise. 🙂

We walked around Annapolis on Saturday night after dinner and again on Sunday. It is unbelievably beautiful there! We found three running stores, the restaurant Middleton Tavern that had great food, and of course we found Starbucks!  Just in case you were wondering, yes there are lots of Navy guys walking around the town! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of our adventure!

My view on the flight up to DC


My mom and me on the flight to DC


Julia with her flowers, balloon that says “Another year of Fabulous”, and cake.


Mom and Julia in front of the Annapolis Running Shop!


The docks in Annapolis


I will post more pictures soon!

How was your weekend???


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