Duck Dynasty

For some reason I just discovered the gem that is “Duck Dynasty” on TV. If you have not seen the show, you have no idea what you are missing! 🙂

It has been called the “Beverly Hillbillies” of this generation. A family that has been in the duck calling business for over 40 years and have become self-made millionaires are, the stars of this reality TV show. Last night I watched four episodes and only stopped watching it because Dancing with the Stars came on. (Which by the way, I am pulling for Donald Driver to win!)

I am officially hooked on this show. They are unashamed rednecks and have lots of money to do all the redneck stuff they want to do. Like put up an old RV onto a 10 foot platform just to make a new duck call platform.

The sibling rivalry is hilarious and something I get. The mom sending out her husband to go shoot a squirrel because she is craving squirrel brain is disgusting and funny all at once.

OH my…seriously go watch an episode or two. This blog post will not do it justice!

Have you seen this show? If so, what do you like, not like about it?

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