A little bit of a rant here:

On Wednesday evening I finally got the opportunity to sit down and watch the Katie Couric special on the Queen’s Jubilee and interviews with the Royal family. I am completely fascinated by the Royal family and all things British. So I thought this would be another great program to watch and see if I would learn something new about the family history.

I did learn some things about the Queen’s family and how she came to power. BUT…there’s always one of those, right?

I was VERY disappointed in the way Ms. Couric conducted herself. I felt like I was watching a 17 year old interviewing the family. Her lack of dignity and decorum were very evident in her questions and how she responded to the people she interviewed. I can understand if she were overwhelmed by all of it. (I would be overwhelmed as well.) The looks she received and even some of the answers given while interviewing the family and staff of Buckingham Palace showed that she was way out of her league on this.

I am not saying all this because I think I could do a better job, I think I would faint because I am too much of a fan. 🙂 I think some one else like Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters would have done a much better job.

I’m just really disappointed in the special. Maybe some one else will come out with a special that will redeem the one Ms. Couric did.

Did you watch the special? If so, what did you think?

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