Lots of changes

There have been so many things taking place that I have neglected my blog. In the last several weeks I have quit one job and started another job. My sister has moved to Annapolis for a job promotion. I have taken two trips in one month to Annapolis, one to surprise my sister for her birthday and one to help her move some of her things.

My half marathon training started two weeks ago and has taken up some of my time as well. I am really excited for this season because my mom and dad are both going to be a part of the training. 🙂

To say I am exhausted is probably an understatement. I’ve been trying to do too much at one time. I booked the last couple of weekends full of events and really haven’t taken any time to rest. Truly rest. :/

But this week that is changing. I am taking time to rest and not take on so much stress.

I hope to be putting up some new blogs in the next week! I do have a review coming up with a book give-away.

What have you been doing the last couple of weeks???

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