Another Half Marathon!

I have completed another half marathon! I took it a bit easier with this race and ran it with one of my closest running friends, Caroline! I loved crossing the finish line with her. What a joy to see my parents, our running group, and Caroline’s husband and kids at the end cheering us on!

Not only that, Caroline got a PR (Personal Record) and I am sure she hated me at some points during the race because I was coaching her through and pushed her to finish with a sprint at the end! 🙂

I found out another runner from our group had a PR as well! Way to go Chandra! I’m also really proud of our coordinator Shellbie, she finished another half and the support at the end for her was fantastic! I wish some one had a video of everyone running her across the finish line. What a wonderful moment for all of us! 

There were other accomplishments that day with my mom doing the Five Mile race and placing in her age group!!! Running is not my mom’s favorite thing in the world but she sure is loving the medals that she has accumulated over the last year! My mom will be running her first half marathon in three weeks. Jody’s (another runner in my group) mom, Nancy, ran her first half marathon and did awesome! I loved being there for her finish!

Here are some pictures from the race:

Most of the USA Fit group before the race.


Me and Caroline almost to the finish! We were determined to finish strong!


Me and Caroline at the end of the race.


Me and Holly at the end! So proud of her!


Mom with her medals! The bigger medal is for placing in her age division.


Group shot at the end!







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