Paper Towel Holder

I made this paper towel 7th grade.

I made this paper towel holder…in 7th grade.


Recently I was in my parents kitchen talking with the family about the above paper towel holder. My mom has kept this thing for 23 years. I made the paper towel holder in 7th grade shop class.

My mom and I have different memories that come to mind when we look at it. My mom thinks about how wonderful it was that I made her this creation during shop class. I took time to make it and give it to her. She remembers me in junior high.

I on the other hand, have different thoughts and memories. I sigh, loudly when I look at it! It is a reminder to me of how horrible of a job I did and how I threw up in shop class. Yes, I just said I threw up in shop class. That was SO embarrassing! I had been sick earlier in the day but my dad felt that I needed to go to school after eating an early lunch. Needless to say, my dad had to come back to school, pick me up and get me home before I threw up again. Did I mention how embarrassing that was??? 🙂 The smell of wood being sawed also reminds me of that time. For quite a while I could not go into Lowes or Home Depot because the smell of wood being sawed would make me sick.

Did you have to take a wood shop class? If so, what did you make?

4 thoughts on “Paper Towel Holder

  1. Oooooh…7th grade woodshop. Not nearly as awful as 8th grade woodshop. Although, both proved that 1.) I have ADD 2.) Finishing things is an issue that often gets rushed and 3.) I’m not meant to make things out of wood. In 7th grade we had to make one of those little cars that you put a CO2 cartridge in and race it. Not only was mine hideous, but it didn’t go very far. In 8th grade we had to make a shelf with a mirror. I chose to do a horse cutout for the mirror…and broke not one, but 2 saw blades trying to navigate the turns on the ears even though I’d been told it would be very difficult and perhaps I should choose another shape like an oval. And then I forgot to stain it before finishing it. So I have and still have somewhere a pine wood colored, slightly uneven shelf, with a horse head mirror with interesting cuts at the shape of the ears.

    I LOVE your towel holder! That’s impressive!! The getting sick part is awful though. 😦

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