About Me

I love the Lord, my family, chocolate (all chocolate :)), traveling, reading, music, running, photography, people and crocheting scarves.

Fun facts about me:

I’m the middle child who sometimes forgets that I am in fact NOT the oldest child. Despite everyone thinking I am. 😉

I was born in England. I will claim my “British-ness” as much as possible!

I can and sometimes do, eat up to an equivalent of 4 large Hersey chocolate bars a day. I’ve recently cut back on my intake. Seriously, I have! 🙂

I’m a half marathon and marathon runner! I saw a T-shirt for runners a while ago that said “Running is cheaper than therapy!”, most days I agree with that! I have run ten half marathons and one marathon. I have also run countless 5k’s and 10k’s.

I crochet scarves as a way to unwind from my day. I wish I did it more often but it is usually only during the winter months that I do this.

If given the opportunity, I will read a book in one day. (Jane Austen, Eric Metaxas and Karen Kingsbury are my favorite authors!)

I love coffee, even though I drink only decaf. Go ahead and ask the same question everyone else does, “What’s the point?”. I truly enjoy the taste of coffee!

I can go through a bag of chips and a jar of salsa in one sitting. I consider these a major food group in my diet. 🙂

Even though I’m an introvert by nature, I truly love and enjoy being around people.

I love meeting people from all over and finding some kind of connection with them. I have a lot of friends who live all over the world.

I shake all the time. If I meet you in person and my hands are shaking, I’m not nervous. I promise! I have what is called “Essential Tremors”, which means I shake. It is hereditary and passed down from my dad’s side of my family. Some days it makes social settings very awkward but I do my best not to let it show. 😉

I’m a sucker for all Hallmark movies! It’s a shame I don’t get the Hallmark channel, then again it’s probably a good thing because I might sit in my room and watch them all day long.

I absolutely LOVE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (I can’t eat them anymore…stupid gluten allergy!)

Sign Language is my second language.

I dream vividly every. single. night! I have told others that I really don’t need to go see movies because I have a double feature in my head every night! 🙂 I remember crazy details of color, conversations, places, and emotions.

If you would like to contact me, do so here:  rebeccabernier(at)gmail(dot)com


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It’s not just the Hallmark movies that make me cry, it’s their card commercials. Total girl. LOL! Looking forward to reading your writing…thanks for finding me Becky! 🙂

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